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As a group project created with Adila Nasrin, Charlotte Bloomfield and Banke Sobudu we read the course specification and what the degree would include. However, we decided to highlight the key aspects of the course that we enjoyed the most as well as what was in the spec. Money is a huge topic among students wether its having enough of it or it being spent in the form of their loans. We also wanted it to be fun and cheesy because that is the general feel of the year group when working in the studio. The students bounce off one another, share ideas and ask each others opinions on work produced. 


My role: Art Director.  


I was responsible for:

  • Researching

  • Script Writing 

  • Storyboarding 

  • Animating and Illustrating

I took inspiration from the Diesel campaign ‘The Official Be Stupid Philosophy’ and Apple Canadas campaign iPhone 7 in 107 seconds. I liked both art directions and aesthetics. However, when I animated the video I wanted to put my own spin on it with vibrant colour and visual imagery. I have never really made typographic illustrations so thought this would be a great way for me to learn.  

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