October 25, 2018

As Rosie and Adila were creating the design for the app, I developed the prototype of the card. I knew I wanted to create a card that I could leave behind with the client as it would separate us from the other 44 pitches on the day of the final pitch. But it was also a...

October 23, 2018

We pitched the three ideas to Barclays, (we had developed them since showing Brian and Xavi, we started to think about logos and branding). Rosie created the initial logos and design for the 20/30/50 Ux and UI, Adila created the UX & UI for 'Barclays Lifestyle' and I d...

October 12, 2018

We started to refine the ideas we came up within our brainstorming session and the top ones that came out were:

  • 20/30/50 strategy - Providing a structure for students and the chance to start saving and provide insights into shopping habits. It was to stop students s...

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