May 28, 2017

Account Management - Influencing Without Power

What is advertising? —> Solving business problems.

Everything you do/don’t do costs a lot of money.

Stupid people think complicated things are clever.

Creative —> suit —> planner

What is account management? 

  • Strategy - br...

May 19, 2017

What I learnt from Dave Biriss

He didn't really plan on becoming a creative as he started out his career with two degrees: Computer Programming and Advanced Mathematics. The irony was that he didn't really believe in education as you mostly learn by doing and lea...

May 12, 2017

‘You can work on something your passionate about, but you wont learn anything. If you work on something your not passionate about it will teach you to become a better marketer.’


  • Worked in various marketing worlds within the music industry

  • Wanted to b...

April 28, 2017


Advertising & Public Relations Degree at Ramon Llull University, Spain

DEC BBDO - Jnr Art Director (Part Time) + EIIA - Graphic Design

Atletico Int. - Art Director - 360 & Digital - SEAT + Freelance Work

DDB Barcelona - Senior Art Director - 360 & Digital - VW,...

April 22, 2017

For our first industry engagement talk we had was with the global creative directer Stefan. 

he highlighted the key difference within different advertising markets abroad within the creative directive world. He emphasised what may work within the UK market is completely...

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