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Money supermarket

The I hate this video because, I believe it to be pointless and off topic. The concept of the company is to save money because they compare a variety of car insurances, home insurances and credit cards. These key aspects of the company are noted in the video it only states at the beginning "skellator saved money at money super market and now he feels epic". The other link would be the call to action at the end stating the companies name and logo. The main character 'Skellator' dances around in the company colours (blue and purple) this seems to be the only in depth link to the company. The narrative is simple yet affective, however, I question the use of character? Yes, it acts as a hook for viewers because they are thinking 'what is happening on my TV' but I find it irritating because as well as the pointless character, it has the worst 80's sound track of 'Fame' which instantly reminds me of a 'Tombola' advert which then instantly puts me off watching. The advert could have possibly been so much better if they had used a better sound track. Possibly because of royalties and the cost of copyright may be the issue in this case if the budget was small however there are far better audio tracks that could have been used other than 'Fame'.

The other issue I have with it, is, the unnecessary gyrating? why is it necessary in an insurance advert. They have used provocative behaviour in their past Ads and that created more hate towards the brand. Did they not learn from the general consensus towards the brand that it doesn't work? Also why are the children happy in the video? they are not the companies target market, as they do not need car insurance, home insurance? So why are they dancing with a man in the worst skeleton mask and blue chiseled abs?

Extra Gum

I love this advert because ,the agency has captured such a beautiful story and directly captured there target market. They know who they are targeting. The narrative begins within a high school by lockers with a hansom young boy and beautiful young girl. The further developing scenarios of going to prom with her, being in a car with her, for every moment there is a piece of gum and wrapper to catch the memory; going on a picnic travel, first fight and moving in together. Right to the end where all the wrappers are displayed in a gallery and he asks her to marry him with all the key memories and moments around them. Its an infectious love story that the majority of 16 - 25 year olds want to believe. They are one of the largest demographics of Extras consumers. They are basically saying if you buy our gum and "do extra, you will get extra".

I think it works so well as you do not realise its an ad, right until the end when they use product placement and call to action. Its amazing how they can get that amount of emotion into a 2 minute video. This is why I admire it as the view gets lots in the narrative being told and the message is strong and reinforced throughout.



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