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Filming Dem Gerolamou & Tom McCarten

Yesterday and today was spent filming our external speakers for our film. We collaborated with a second year film student to help us film. As I had arranged with him to help us out and then he suggested he would colour grade the footage for us. We thought that this would be great because that would then give us more time to work on other areas of the project, like sorting the intros and 'outros'. It was a really great experience to learn how to set up and organise a shoot and to interview people that we had not met before.

Below you can see our set up on both days. We had to improvise today as we could not get the same backdrop we used yesterday which meant we had to find a new one quick and fast. We ended up borrowing polyboard from the TV and Broadcasting room. As we originally borrowed the black backdrop from photography and they were using them today for the FMP's.

We originally had problems booking the room and we didn't find out till the day before we could shoot in it. But everything had been booked and arranged, and we had planned to do the shoot wether it had been booked or not. There was a lot of 'tooing and frowing' between risk assessments and room bookings. But we eventually had two successful days of shooting. It was just down to Harvey (the film student) to export and colour grade the footage. E could then cut this down to suit us.



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