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Churchill Gowns

Live briefs was our final unit for term two and for our first brief we worked with Churchill gowns. They came to us and briefed us what they wanted us to make.

As a bit of background knowledge, Churchill Gowns is a Graduation Gown company that hires and sells graduation gowns. They were originally a startup in Australia but have since expanded to the market in the UK.

They approached us in search of a new campaign that would get them noticed.

What I got from the briefing was that the client wanted us to create social content around an idea that would work either on Facebook or Instagram. They wanted to get noticed, they were open to wacky and interesting ideas and concepts. However we still needed to remember they were a small company that were trying to grow their brand awareness.

The target market was established as graduating students with the age bracket of 21-25 year olds.

In response to their briefing I asked them if we could get our hands on a gown to work with as a prop. I asked this question deliberately to give us options. We may not have needed to use it for our final idea but it was an option made available to us if we wished to use it.

They highlighted the budget of £50 that could be used to market the campaign. So this could be used for paid advertisement through Instagram or Facebook to promote the brand. This was not necessarily a large budget however in respect of paid advertisement which costs around £1.80, £50 can be spent wisely and effectively with the right campaign. It was made clear that, this budget was for advertisement and not production cost.

After the briefing we were brainstorming initial ideas and concepts. Some key concepts that struck out were:

- Choose your Gown. We would make gowns personalised and create photographic content/ film of these gowns reflecting their purpose to subject I.E the background would compliment the design of the gown either in colour or pattern

- Graduation through the ages: This idea explored the replication of graduation photos. We would find graduation photos from the 80's / 90's as this is a growing trend in the fashion industry as well as Gen Z culture of reinvention. - What can you buy with the money left over if you had bought a competitors gown: the idea explored all the things you could spend your money on instead of spending it on a gown (this one was pretty self explanatory)

- 3D production animation: An idea built around the visual conceptualisation of a robot production line leading right up to your front door. Think 3d playground but with flying capes on coat hangers and convey-a-belts.

These were just the best ideas from our multiple ideas that came out of our brainstorming session(not every idea will be THE IDEA). We went straight to work in researching the company, and what campaigns already existed that were to do with graduations or graduation gowns. We compiled a whole folder of research and ideas. We all decided to sleep on them and to re group on Thursday. This gave us time to process the brief more and to sleep on ideas/ think up more potential ideas.



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