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Churchill Gowns - The Pitch & Reflection

When you go to pitch to a client you need to do many things to make sure you want to win them over. One key thing we forgot to put in the pitch was facts and figures. Why did we choose the social platforms? We did not show them similar work to that we created to reinforce the message that it is possible and that it could be successful. However, that was not the biggest lesson I learnt from this pitch, It was to make sure you have an alternative route planned out. As tubes tend to have strikes and trains tend to have delays. I made it to the brief with minutes to spare. I think personally as well that because I was effectively running to the pitch to be there on time I had stressed myself out because I wanted to be there on time but I was also stressed out before I gave the pitch. Which meant that I forgot to say things that I wanted to say.

Overall, this brief was one huge learning curve for me because I learnt a lot about time management and making sure that we laid out a plan that kept us on track and on schedule. One aspect of the brief I enjoyed was practising an elevated pitch. It was nice to get out of the studio on a really nice hot April day to explain three conceptual ideas to our tutors which helped us to think out our ideas. However, I think this made it worse in someways because we kept thinking how else can we improve it make it better or add to it to make it different. We all eventually fell down the rabbit hole of ideas and realised it was Friday and we only had 4 days left to execute out idea.

What Did I learn ?

  • I learnt a lot from this project, one of them was about time management. 10 days came and went quicker than planned. We spent way too long experimenting with ideas. What should have happened, we should have committed to an idea earlier than change our minds two days before pitching.

  • I also felt we did not really work as a complete team. I like it was me and Adriya and then Anna. However, we still tried to make it work for the sake of the brief. But in hign sight I think we should have just gone with one idea however, it was a learning curve, sometimes you can have too many ideas and you then loose track of time.

  • Another thing I learned was that you need to have multiple backups of your work. Adobe will crash, and to save sleepless nights save before you try to pre-compose.

  • I also learned to have a backup route planned out if there was ever a tube strike or road closure. I managed to get to our pitch just on time, however, this was not the best scenario as I felt stressed out right before I pitched because I was worried I would not make the pitch on time. This then had a knock on effect when I was delivering my section of the pitch. Thus learning to have a plan B & C

What would I change ?

- If I was to do this project I would change the pitch delivery. We needed to have facts and figures to back up our insight and reason for choosing specific social media platforms. We were there to convince the client to choose our idea but we had no facts to back up our choices. However our research and influences were clear to the client, they could see the directions we wanted to take however from feedback they did state they liked the ideas but wished we had chosen one and developed it further than to try and combine the ideas. We tried to please everyone in the group instead of the client.



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