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Thames Clipper - Briefing & Initial Ideas

In response to the brief we brainstormed and experimented with some initial ideas that varied from illustrations inspired by those made for the O2 summit. We also experimented with the idea of hero shadows. These would have been photos of children either playing with building blocks to then have a shadow of a civil engineer working on the famous Tower and London Bridge. It was inspired by the Aptimal campaign with building strong children for whatever their career would be in the future. We also had the idea of children's minds appearing to be exploding with imagery related content to different careers on the Thames. This would allow the audience to decode the images to understand that the children's creativity could lead onto an interesting carreer wether that would be as a civil engineer, line manager or Deck hand.

As a group (me, Rosie Adila and James) we set up a Pinterest board to help us research and explore possible execution routes we wanted to do. I really liked the idea of using the laser cutter for this project to cut out buildings and the River Thames. I thought it could be fun to try and medium clash with the traditional and the digital. However, the others liked the idea of creating polygon illustrations similar to those of the o2 summit campaign. They had strong aspirational copy with the images. Below you can see our mood-board that we created with ideas of what we could do.

After this we went on to explore photographic routes similar to that of the campaign for the Army Jobs. It was blunt and simple and sometimes this works. We tried a super simple execution for this project with strong witty copy. However, we wanted to explore how we created the placement for the text and photography to work cohesively together.

The phrase It's not just A Job became our tagline. We liked it because it was short and to the point. You can understand the concept straight away from the copy and imagery together. The company had given us free tickets to go and experience the Thames clipper to gain inspiration and possible insights. We planned to go onThursday as it was supposed to be nice weather and we could make the most out of it if we wanted to film or photograph as we could not decided wether to do either or as this project leaned towards either execution.

What was also interesting was that I asked the client would we be able to get in contact with people that worked for the company which could give our unique perspectives and insights. But the problem was the time constraint. The only time we could them was the following Tuesday which would have been cutting it too fine.



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