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Thames Clipper - Final Outcomes & Pitch

After the boat trip and discussion with Brian & Xavi I went home and thought I needed to research about the Thames to help influence us as I thought we needed a bit of help. The following day I brought all the information in and we sat reading through it all and started to think how could be link what I had found to the project? and what could we produce from it?

I looked into the information NMBA Thames Clipper sent us to try and understand some of the jobs they wanted people to apply too. I came across this chart that gave a huge insight into the amount of applications per job.

This information was a huge influence into our final outcome and insights. We decided as a group to focus on the jobs that had the least frequency of response. We chose: Press/Media Officer, Official Veterinarians, Marine Technician, Linehandler/ boatman, Captain.

With these jobs in mind, I started cutting up the information I found to start linking them to the jobs.

This method helped breakdown how to go about the task, The information related to the job role and we were starting to create copy that was witty and head-turning.

This part of the brief was my favourite part because we could see the idea starting to slowly come together and form the final product. Bit by bit the puzzle was starting to come together, especially when we began to chose our favourite images from the shoot which James edited. We took inspiration for layout from the Army Jobs campaign to keep it really simple .

We created a new logo that was inspired by a water drip that was similar to edf energies flame. The droplet had the ideology behind it of: your are just a droplet in a giant river, but without these droplets there would be no river.

Final Outcomes:


This was one of my favourite pitches from the unit. This is because I felt more relaxed and confident in the idea. It was also great experience to pitch in a boardroom with just the clients instead of with the rest of the class. This is not to say I do not like pitching to the rest of the class as this does not bother me as much as it used to. I just felt like it was more of a real experience and an insight into how we would pitch in the real world.

The client feedback seemed was that they really liked the idea and could tell we did our research, they were also impressed in how we could upscale the idea. It was great that they had to ask us twice if the images were our own and not stock footage. What ever work I produce I make sure it is my own unless there is no other way of articulating the idea to explain the concept to the client. For this pitch we also printed out handouts and leave behinds to make the pitch more memorable. However I think the real reason why they did not want to choose our idea was that it could have potentially been too risky for them because of the witty humour angle we went for.



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