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Thames Clipper - Project Overview

What did I learn?

  • I found this project really interesting as I enjoyed researching the history of River Thames. I did not know the Sex Pistols performed a gig on a barge nor did I know that there used to be a winter ice festival and that the River Thames used to freeze over and it would be thick enough to hold an elephant on it. It was full of great first’s.

  • I was able to use one of my other skills for the project as well which is photography. I enjoyed taking the pictures out on the boat as well as it being the first time going on the Thames clipper river boat in all my life, and I have lived in London since I was born which was an interesting insight in itself as 3 out of the 4 of us in my group had never been on it either.

  • I was taking a hand in copywriting in this project and had fun with the text that went over the images. It was hard at first to think of phrases that were influenced by my research on events and facts that surrounded the Thames, and try and be witty at the same timeI think that our concept worked really well due to the outcomes being really strong. Our photos married great with the copy, it was great to work with James as well. We have wanted to collaborate for a while now and it was the perfect excuse and opportunity to give it a go. His editing and photoshop skills aided the execution of the final outcomes.

What would I change/ improve ?

  • If I was to change anything about this project, it would be the copy and the plan to push the idea further for the future. We wanted to interview some of the people that had a variety of careers that included working with the Thames. We wanted to make the outcomes more personalised as even though we had information about the Thames we really struggled to understand the careers that were on offer to the public. Their website was not really any great help and I think If we had, had that information we could have pushed our concept further to highlight the key phrase the client used in their brief; Highly Skilled and Trained Careers’



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