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Untitled was a conference for the next generation of creatives to inspire and provide an emerging landscape for creative communication. It was also created in collaboration with Lecture In Progress from 'It's Nice That'. I was tasked with creating a brand identity using the brand name of 'Untitled'. I was part of a creative team that created multiple forms of brand communication: Video case study featuring leading industry professionals, shorts, online identity for social platforms and branding for the day of the event. The brand identity was fun and engaging targeting the next generation of creatives, these were teenagers looking into where a career in the design industry can lead.



Students do not know enough about the creative industry to make a career decision. By using peer to peer examination of real questions they had about the industry, we put those questions to the creatives, to get an honest and personal review on their role, and their thoughts on the design industry as it is today.  


Creative Direction, Animation, Poster Design and Interviewing the amazing creatives.

Creative Team:

Rosie Jones 

Anne Maiwald

Adila Nasrin


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