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Bringing Scan your Skull to life

Today we set about finalising our idea, dividing into a concept and story. Our concept was to scan your face and our story was to tell you about what your face said about you. We initially found that we needed to explore different avenues into how we could visually convey this idea and to research into new technology and theories around phrenology and ancestry links to facial construction.

We divided tasks up within the group:

- Rosie researched into personality traits and what they could tell us about our characteristics.

- Aasia constructed the questionnaire to target our target market 20-30 year olds.

- Elliot designed the initial mock-up images of what it would actually look like, inside and out with help from me as I used influences from previous xrays machines where I have had xrays of my skull. I always had the image of the camera scanning your face like an xray machine.

- I also researched tech booths and set about using Elliotts sketches and evolved the booth development in Cinema 4 D.

- Alastair researched into the links within ancestry as one of our initial ideas was to tell you about your facial features linking to certain areas of the world. For example your nose could be similar to a romans = nobility etc

- Anne researched into the new technology we could use in regards to face scanning.

after dividing we regrouped to see what everyone found:

We found as a group we were more interested in following the personality route. This is because we all took part in a 100 question personality test and we found we were more engaged in this aspect rather than the history of our ancestry. We were all reading what our answers said about our personality and were instantly trying to apply it to what we already do. I thought this could be a really interesting aspect of interaction design that we could apply to our concept. I new there was 3D scanning technology available as we could 3D print which is why I suggested we look into it as the brief was about using and exploring new technology available to us. There has also been advances in using facial technology such as Apple using face emojis and facial mapping to augment emojis. Anne found some really interesting tech; Apps that we tested out in scanning our faces using our phones to create 3D renders and portability.

We all agreed on this concept.


Our final idea is a booth where people can go in and be scanned to find out information about their personality and what their face and skulls says about them. It will be located near the skulls in the Mathematics exhibition. It would work using a Samsung phone camera and the app Bellus3D (seen below). The phone will be attached to an arm that works on an arduino to move around the user and scan their face. The phone would be linked to the screens for users to see everything and interact with them. The user will then be able to choose what they want to find out about, for example, their eyes, nose etc. When the click on something it will show them a quick description of what this feature says about their personality. There will also be animations that show the user their personality type using images of skulls similar to the logo. The skulls will show different emotions through the shape of the eyes. The idea is called 'Scan Your Skull'.

Below you can see the research that was found by Rosie (personality and phrenology) and Anne (Technology)

We all decided after discussing the project that we needed to go back to the science museum to film and really get to grips of the space and what was in it. We planned to shoot footage of the space to feature in our case study to show how the booth linked to the science museum. Keep an eye out on my next post to see how I made the booth and what e got up to in the science museum.

Technology researched:

Booth development: (my visual construction of what it would look like and how it would work)



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