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Professional Trajectories - Briefing

After the initial briefing I set about thinking what I could do as a new project to add to my portfolio and what I would enjoy doing after finishing my FMP.

I researched competitions that interested me and had the potential for me to gain exposure as a designer and noticed in industry. Thought this would be a good project to do after FMP as I felt I just needed to answer a brief rather than try and come up with my own one.

I found competitions such as 'The Rookie awards' and 24 hour challenges. I thought these might be interesting to do as you do not have time to ponder or 'um' or 'ar' about your ideas. As effectively you have no time to think, you have to follow your gut instinct.

However I really felt burnt out after completing FMP and putting so much effort into it; time and emotionally. So I took a little time to try and find the right brief to respond to and well, I kind of came up with my own in the end. I wanted to have a project that I could implement as my job strategy as well as really nice project for my portfolio.

My initial thoughts were to do a group project with James, Nick, Molly, Adila and Rosie. We brainstormed project ideas over the bank holiday and regrouped when we came back. We came up with a ciggaret butt cam idea. To catch people throwing their fags on the floor, like a named and shamed idea. But after having our one to ones, we all decided we wanted to work on our own projects, as we wanted to improve our portfolios in different areas.

Mine was branding and having named brand projects. Derek suggested maybe doing a project where you clash a celebrity with a named brand they would not normally be associated too, i.e Kyle Jenner and Mr Muscle cleaning detergent. I liked the idea but I wanted to put my own spin on it. I thought about creating a t-shirt line or company concept that I could display at our degree show.



Elementrix was created as MY Advertising blog for my Degree course At ravensbourn university.


I hope you will enjoy reading and viewing my work as i take you on my journey of development and design within my digital advertising and design course.


I have always believed that to thrive in todays industry you need to bring your personality, sense of creativity but most importantly to be versatile in an ever changing industry !   

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