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Final Outcome 'Scan Your Skull'

To Add to the reflection we all realised the name was wrong which I pointed out before but we thought because the brief was to take a pre existing exhibition and to make it interactive however, I feel it would best be renamed as Face Scanner because it is actually scanning your face. I do also feel that the outcome could have been better if everyone was present 100% throughout the project. Even though communication was strong when they ere not here I feel it impacted the rest of the group as we were all waiting on each other. This aspect was good and bad because that meant time was wasted and not used effectively.



Elementrix was created as MY Advertising blog for my Degree course At ravensbourn university.


I hope you will enjoy reading and viewing my work as i take you on my journey of development and design within my digital advertising and design course.


I have always believed that to thrive in todays industry you need to bring your personality, sense of creativity but most importantly to be versatile in an ever changing industry !   

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