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Learning Arduino

First lesson on arduino:

Within the first lesson of leaning Arduino, me and Rosie were tasked with making a few led lights blink. To an expert who knows how to program and use an Arduino this sound like a very simple task however for someone like me who had never seen or heard of the product, it was like trying to find my way though a minefield of wires and resisters oh and LEDS. Once we figured out the plan given to us showing us where each wire and resister needed to go, we managed to get the hang of it. After putting the board together we realised we needed to input the code to tell the Arduino what to do. This can be seen in the last image on the right.

We managed to get even more ambitious and managed to get a motor going. To make the motor more noticeable we added a paper propeller this created a sound effect as well as spinning. I found that I could change the code to make the motor spin faster of slower just by changing the value.

Second lesson on Arduino:

In our second lesson of Arduino we learnt about processing. We were able to code Arduino with a light sensor to change an image on my laptop screen. The closer your finger was to the sensor the darker the colour would go. We had an image of an old fashioned map of the city of London. The light then affected the depth of colour within the video. We were then able to change the colour values to change the colour and depth on our screens. This task was completed using another software known as Processing which is free to download. The code is also available for free to help program and code. Personally I would love to learn how to read and write code and am tempted to buy myself and Arduino to play with.



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