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Producing Posters for Untitled Conference

We found out we needed to make posters for the event with only one day to produce them. On this same day we had been interviewing Dem Gerolamou, which meant we only had half a day to produce them.

You can see how the brand jumped to CGI (cinema 4 D elements). This was because we wanted to lift the dynamic of the branding off the page as it were. This was to highlight the dynamic nature that is within the industry. The branding manifested into this abstract element which was a description of the creative process. Various elements come together within a project to produce a final outcome, and this was my response to that reasoning. The squiggles and shapes created a depth that is required to be successful within the industry it was a metaphor for the depth of knowledge that would be shared on the day of the conference. The posters worked well with one another and it was clear that they were related.

I think if I was to do them again, I would probably stick more with the branding and keeping it flat (similar to the designs on the lanyard mockup). We just wanted to highlight our capabilities to the industry to make them stand out from the rest of the posters in the class.

How i created the poster:

originally we were going to use lots of bits of confetti however this looked too chaotic and to much was going on if we wanted to add copy to the poster. This is where I suggested the shapes as it worked aesthetically with the brand and had a good meaning behind it. Granted it may not have been obvious to everyone else but I designed it with a purpose.

I produced the design within C4D, it gave me the opportunity to put into practise skills I had previously learned. It was also a nod to the start of the project at this was the initial route we wanted to take with the project.



Elementrix was created as MY Advertising blog for my Degree course At ravensbourn university.


I hope you will enjoy reading and viewing my work as i take you on my journey of development and design within my digital advertising and design course.


I have always believed that to thrive in todays industry you need to bring your personality, sense of creativity but most importantly to be versatile in an ever changing industry !   

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