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Brainstorming Conference Name

Part of this brief was to create branding for a new conference with 'Its Nice That' but a key part was to name it. We spent all day brainstorming a name and a tone of voice for the conference.

We created a list of who we wanted at our conference and why. We also brainstormed some initial names as well.

We picked our two favourite names:

- Shpreel

- Spill The Beans

We all felt these names had a tone of voice already associated to them which would denote: Relatable, Honest Blunt, Youthful, Relaxed and Ambitious. We wanted to have a light hearted approach. With these two names we created a few mock up concepts that would reflect the tone of voice. I created the designs for shpreel. I played on the phonetics of the spelling of the word and created a illustration of a mouth with the text of the name made up as teeth.

At the end of the day we put the names forward to the rest of the class and discussed the concepts we liked the most. Our ideas were shortlisted and came second to [Untitled] personally I did not like the name, but I liked the metaphor it stood for - Blank canvas to build on - which is a relevant approach to the brief especially towards a target audience who may not know if they want to go into design and if so what areas.



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