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Producing the Untitled Video

The initial Narrative and form of our video was to originally stop frame and to have shots of the university and the O2. But we decided to work on this idea to develop it more, as we wanted to include some interviews with speakers within the video. We did not plan to create a Youtube channel that we wish to continue with to include and add more interviews to, to inspire the next generation. We also didnt plan for the video to become solely about the interviews. I think the reason for this change was because we felt more inspired by the speakers and what they had said during our interviews with them and that this would have a bigger impact on our target audience rather than our other idea. I really do feel within this project our idea grew and evolved as the project went on, this was great but it was very hard to plan and produce elements for the project.

Originally I suggested we use both A and B roll footage from the day and interviews as well as create animations that would work with audio from the speakers to help overlap the two. We would create a visual language between the shapes and squiggle confetti to the visual imagery.

Below you can see the storyboard I produced to suggest an Idea. (we found it hard to produce a storyboard because we were relying a lot on what the speakers would say. We would create a response to phrases and topics they would discuss.

I suggested this narrative because we didn't have one to begin with. We needed a structure otherwise the video would not make sense, and would not have a clear purpose. But, again the group divided over creative differences which was inevitable in a group four. I felt Anne was trying to control the video to suit her, as she was not very strong in the animation elements of the project. So we agreed to disagree, I think the problem was everyone wanted to be part of everything and I do not think this is how it should work within a creative team. The phrase ' too many cooks spoil the broth' comes to mind because we all wanted creative in put and it was hard to please everyone in the group on this occasion. Everyone plays a part which comes together at the end and I do not think this theory was applied to our project. Again this was a learning curve and I have learnt it is important to establish roles within the group.

Going back to construction of the video , due to problems with the footage Harvey filmed we decided to scrap this all together, which was a real shame as everybody put a lot of effort into setting up and arranging to room and equipment. But it was a good experience to learn to film projects for ourselves even if we get someone in to help. Or even to trust someone we have worked with before.

We started to divided the video up. Anne and Adila cut and edited the raw footage down to the content we wanted in the final video. We included GIFs and memes that would provide a comedic element to the video. This would also provide a relate-ability to the desired target audience.

We new we needed to create structure, and as such we used the questions. We created question cards that would be place holders in the video and we would cut footage from multiple speakers answering these questions. The interviews were filmed from two different sides to help break the footage up so it was not all the same.

Once the final cut was exported we divided the questions up between myself, Adila and Rosie. I edited the last two questions as well as the intro and outro. We learnt how to export the animations we made in after effects to png files, which allowed us to place them over the cut footage (master footage). It also allowed us to finish this video a lost faster as it was the longest video out of all of them.

I produced hand written pngs to emphasise impactful phrases or words. This allowed us to summaries some of the points the speakers made, as the video is quite fast in pace, it helped clarify the message we were trying to get across.

We had a problem with these as we needed to decide whether to hand write them in lower or uppercase. We decided on uppercase and to have contrasting text in white.

A problem we faced was when we put all the footage together. You could see the difference in who produced which sections. My animations were more dynamic than Rosies and Adilas. Mine flowed around the speakers and there was more energy within them. I found it hard to split the video because three different designers would design their section to how they envision it. But this caused confliction of continuity within the video. Initially I thought I would be the one animating the video, as I thought that was my decided role, however, everyone wanted to do. To deal with the problem we created 5 rules to stick to, to make sure we kept the video the same throughout. But I still feel this did not go to plan. Its clear where there are elements of the animations where the others have repeated the same animations over and over again (the circles) I personally did not like this but the rest of the group did so we had to go with the majority.

I was also responsible for editing the outro for the videos. I created the hands closing the video as the ending as to prove a cyclical structure to the project.



Elementrix was created as MY Advertising blog for my Degree course At ravensbourn university.


I hope you will enjoy reading and viewing my work as i take you on my journey of development and design within my digital advertising and design course.


I have always believed that to thrive in todays industry you need to bring your personality, sense of creativity but most importantly to be versatile in an ever changing industry !   

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