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Churchill Gowns - Inital Ideas Exploration

As part of my research I suggested we look at youtubers and relevant graduation videos. This was because our first idea was based around the ‘ Graduation Feeling’. It was an idea exploring the emotions of a student on the build up to their graduation day. We had the idea of filming the stages and having music choices associated to the great feeling of graduating. Song choices included: woke up feeling Like a Boss, Work By Rihanna, Freaky Friday Lil Dicky. But because of copyright issues and the company being very small we could not do this choice. Even though the song lyrics were so relevant to the many feelings you have on the day of your graduation as well as the feeling afterwards. The usp we were looking at was the convenience aspect of the company. We liked the fact you could have your gown delivered to your door as well as you being able to keep the gown longer to take pictures with family in your own time instead of having to hand back the gown after the ceremony.

This starting point lead onto another idea: ’Graduation through the ages’. It was a play on a social trend of siblings recreating photos from when they were younger. We had the idea of finding relatives graduation photos and replicating them to the here and now, showing how momento’s and traditions were created. However, we had a problem. None of our parents had been to university or had pictures in their gowns. We were going to try and ‘fake’ them but we were running out of time. The gowns promised had not arrived yet and we were getting to grips with the 10 day time frame for the brief. Usually I would spend a week researching and brainstorming ideas. However, it was a shock to the system to try and fast track all the ideas and to pick an Idea we wanted to stick with. We went through so many different ideas in this project. But I think the reason for this was we could not agree on the IDEA!

We then went onto looking at which of the USP’s would be the easiest for us to execute in the time we had remaining. This is when we had a brainwave Thursday afternoon. We thought about making a video that would be similar to Liza Koshy.

Her videos are very popular within the 18-25 year old demographic. We found them really funny and entertaining to watch and thought it would be great fun to film and it worked well as a concept. We set about storyboarding the video as we decided to make a full 1 minute video with money related solutions, highlighting how & where to buy the cheapest things that are relevant to the target audience i.e. Alcohol (what student doesn’t love cheap alcohol) We were then going to link the gowns in at the end as a ‘oohh I get it now moment’ and say how cheap the gowns were. This would provide a call to action as well as link the video back to the company we were trying to advertise. Because by shopping for a cheaper gown you were also being smarter.

We had planned to start filming the following Tuesday as we were waiting for the gowns to arrive and film the final scenes. However, the reason why we did not do it over the weekend was because all three of us had work. We were working around other work commitments.

The problem we had come Tuesday was, Anna had decided to go off and start filming without us with her sister. Which was fair enough as she wanted to get going on the project. The only problem was she had basically filmed everything without us. It didn’t really link back properly to the brief, how we wanted it too. Neither was it shot well in parts, there were some lighting issues and the audio was quite and muffled in sections as well. However, this was only the rough version to see how it would work as a concept visually.



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