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Churchill Gowns - Rough Cut

This was the first version Anna filmed. It had a narrative that linked more to the things you learned as a student because you need to shop smarter because you are on a budget. The student loan can only get you so far.

I just wished she had let us edit some of the video as I knew ways how to fix the audio. We then decided we needed to reshoot scenes because they needed fixing. Bearing in mind we had two days left till pitch day. We spent Tuesday evening at Annas flat attempting to fix scenes however, It began to feel as though we had split ideas on the project. Me and Adriya felt the project needed to either be shot better or we needed to go with a different concept as the outcome really was not how we envisioned it. We wanted to stay later to fix it but it seemed when we were filming Anna just wanted to get the filming done. Me and Adriya were trying to give input and it really was not working. We were not given time to check over the footage shot to make sure it was what we wanted.

That evening I went back to Adriya’s flat. We had a rethink of the concept and video and was concerned about what we would have to present to the client as neither of us were happy with the outcome. Anna was also at work all of Wednesday (day before pitch day) We came up with a script that we had both been toying with over the week as it was from our original idea: ‘The Graduation Feeling’. However, we spun the idea on its head and came up with a narrative that highlighted the convenient service Churchill Gowns Provided. It played with the insight - The student struggle is real, you go through all the stress and build up to graduation that it should be the simplest day of your life. As it is the ‘Final Moment’ you have aa a university student. Thus the birth of the concept: THE FINAL MOMENT.

We spent the entirety of Wednesday finalising the script, getting people to voice over each line. Then storyboarding the script and video out as well as make illustrations for the video. The reason why we did it was because me and Adriya felt we had not contributed to the project what so ever. We came up with an idea to try and merge the two videos together but it did not come across as well as we hoped. The clients picked up on the two different concepts and art direction. We really tried to make it work, but it just did not work out. This project was full of so many learning curves and you discover there are people you are just not meant to work with.

I had many roles in this group as it was a bit of a bumpy brief. It may have been down to a few factors that it was our first brief and we were getting into the motion of turning a project around in ten days and figuring the timings we had for everything from initial response to brief, to researching, to idea development, then production and execution, finally leading onto to the pitching.

I was responsible for the creation of the Instagram animation as well as the illustrations for it. I was also responsible for researching relevant content to help inspire our concept development and execution. I worked on getting the voice overs and recording various people to speak the different sections Adriya wrote as copywriting for the script. I animated the entire Instagram animations and even though Churchill Gowns did not choose our idea, I posted the animation to my account cutting the company out at the end and it was very well received as it had over 70 Likes. The reaffirmed the idea and concept was strong and would have worked well as a campaign as the animation could have been broken down into smaller gifs that could have been shareable.



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