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Ravensbourne - BA (Hons) Avertising & Brand Design - Project Reflection

What did I learn?

This was one of my favourite briefs so far, this is because we worked great as a collaborative team, we were able to share the workload out between everyone and I think it was mainly because we really had fun with it. We went bold and brash with some of our statements in the video and the choice to spice the video up with a proper voice over added that little bit extra to the project. It is something I plan on doing again as it really lifts the project and makes the outcome more realistic and professional.

  • I learned about script writing and copywriting. This was because we needed to make the script clear for someone else to understand and for the VO’s artistic direction. We were able to make explain the concept well and the artist understood exactly what we wanted. Plus it only took one take. (personally I thought we should have got him to do it again so it would fit into 1 minute, which would have made it better for sharing on social platforms like Instagram as the limit it set at 1 minute max) I think my technique is improving and I like the idea of adding more words and copy to my designs in the future. It was great fun to take on a brief where we could be ambitious and creative.

What would I change/ improve ?

  • To improve the project I would take onboard the amends suggested to us by the client, as well as trying to cut down the length of the overall video (it would have been shorter if the final script had been sent with amends however there was a mix-up with the scripts and Banke sent the 3rd one instead of the 4th. She also accepted the VO before realising it was longer than a minute) These are just minute mistakes to detail which can be rectified with the added time to work on it over the summer.

  • I also thought about the music, I think we may need to look for another sound track to work with underneath the VO and possibly look at finding another artist as realistically to accommodate the amends to script we will need to get it re-made anyway with the adjustments in it.



Elementrix was created as MY Advertising blog for my Degree course At ravensbourn university.


I hope you will enjoy reading and viewing my work as i take you on my journey of development and design within my digital advertising and design course.


I have always believed that to thrive in todays industry you need to bring your personality, sense of creativity but most importantly to be versatile in an ever changing industry !   

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