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Complete Overview of Live Briefs Unit

This entire project was a huge learning experience for me from working with people in the class I had not worked with before and discovering hidden talents that lied within the class to working on multiple briefs in a short space of time. It taught me about the reality of what I would be like to work in an agency and working with real clients. Taking on feedback and fighting for your idea and what you believe in. However, one big lesson I learnt was to be mindful of what projects include and the reality of what you can produce in the time frame you have.

Working with real clients provided me with an insight that most clients will not really know what they want nor will they know how to go about it. But the best way of solving this is to show the client what they want and to back up why it would work with research. It is also a nice touch to produce leave behinds which we did with the Thames Clipper brief, this gave the client a real feel of the concept but it also made us memorable after we had pitched and left.

I really enjoyed collaborating in this unit, I was really worried about the amount of time we had per brief but my time management progressed as the projects came and went. I felt my pitching was getting better and better though out the unit and I have developed the skill to work well under pressure, and the ability to turn around real briefs with clients fast. I now have work I can add to my portfolio and be proud of as they were with real clients. I am really proud of the Thames Clipper campaign as well as my animation from Churchill Gowns and DAD Rave Course promotion video. I think this was because I kind of had a care free mentality when I approached each brief. I allowed myself to explore relevant research and experiment with a few Ideas. However, as the projects developed I found I was applying lessons I learned from previous projects to the next project, which is seen in how the pitches develop in detail as well as decrees in the amount of text on screen. Because we believed in our ideas that we were pitching we were able to talk about the ideas with more passion and less need to put what we wanted to say on screen.

I also learnt that I quite enjoy copywriting for videos and scripting. It is a skill I wish to develop further as trying this aspect of design and advertising in the unit highlighted an area that could do with more development. But if I had not taken on the challenge during this project to do so I do not think I would have discovered my enjoyment for it. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone which was daunting at first but I love a challenge and strive to perfect it.

Another part of the project I enjoyed and learned from was that I enjoyed researching the clients and relevant campaigns that could work as possible art directions. I found out facts about the Thames that I was really surprised about and shocked that they were not common knowledge.

There would be some things I would change about groups and people I worked with. I would have liked to have work with Molly and Mdu however everyone had picked their groups so quickly. I was supposed to work with Charlie, Molly and Kubroo on Churchill gowns but I think we were too big of a group, as such; I was last to join the group so I had to be the first to leave. Thus ending up working with Anne and Adriya. I knew I didn’t work well with Anne but I had no choice as everyone else had finalised their groups by the time I was dropped from the larger group.



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