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Industry collaboration - Barclays Briefing

From the briefing today I made notes on ideas that came to mind whilst representatives from Barclays where talking through the two briefs. Picking up key information as well as what they were already doing to accomplish the task at hand. These nuggets of information lead on to the development of our ideas in our brainstorming session.

I was more interested in approaching T&CS brief, as it seemed more of a challenge and had a huge creative potential.

Whilst tackling brief one and brainstorming ideas, we constantly asked ourselves the questions of:

‘What do we want to help us with our finances?’

‘What do we struggle with?’

'What do students want from banks?'

It was during this brainstorm that I came up with the initial ideas of 20/30/50 as this is how I try to organise my financial structure. I also thought of the student debit card and why banks haven’t thought of it already as there is a gap in the market. I also came up with the idea of ‘Barclays Lifestyle’.

We were constantly trying to put ourselves into the target markets shoes, as we were part of that demographic.

We believed that as we go on our journey as adults and taking on a student account, working out our in-goings and out-goings and paying our bills was the route of becoming an adult. We wanted to create something that would aid this journey as well as tackle the stress

From the insight data provided by the client: ’84% students stress and worry about finances’ we came up with 4 ideas:

  • Spread Sheet Saver

  • Student Comparison/ ‘Barclays lifestyle’

  • The 20/30/50 strategy

  • Student debit card

With Brief 2, we asked ourselves why do we not read T&C’s ? and the majority answer was; ‘We are lazy’. The majority of people do not have time to read pages and pages of information that may or may not be relevant to them. We have an attention span of seven seconds so we wanted to make something that would be more engaging and would retain the targets attention span for longer.

We researched the British Airways campaign highlighting the inflight safety talk, with celebs and thought this would be a great avenue to get people to listen to T&CS.

Other ideas came off this; ’T&Cs for dummies’. This would have been a skit /comedy sketch of a potential lawyer and someone who has no clue what the terminology was and having someone as a lawyer speech translator. Converting it onto everyones ‘common’ language, but with comedic effect.



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