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Development of Ideas - Barclays Brief

We started to refine the ideas we came up within our brainstorming session and the top ones that came out were:

  • 20/30/50 strategy - Providing a structure for students and the chance to start saving and provide insights into shopping habits. It was to stop students spontaneously spending and to start to save.

  • Delayed T&Cs - This concept was a timer on each page of T&Cs, to make sure you had to read the info on the page before you could go to the next one. It was deliberately annoying so that they would read the text before the timer was up. We were inspired by the DPS delivery service that Josh mentioned to us in the first briefing.

  • Student Debit card - This is a card like no other ‘It would graduate when you do’. It provided the answer to all students problems in one super card.

  • Social Experiment - ‘Check the small print’ - This idea stemmed from our research, it would be a comedic video creating awareness behind what you are actually signing up for.

Once we had the ideas, we experimented with how they looked and could possibly function:

Idea 1 : Student Comparison App ‘Barclays Lifestyle’

Insight: Students don’t have a lot of money and are always looking for the cheapest alternative

A platform for students to find and compare shops and restaurants.

Idea 2 : 20/30/50 Strategy App

Insight: Students do a lot of spontaneous spending and need more structure to strive.

A platform that tracks students behaviour/patterns in spending and gives advice on how to better structure their money using AI and 20/30/50 Strategy.

Idea 3 : Delayed T&C’s

Insight: Students are too lazy to read whole thing, they respond better to plain simple english and visuals.

A step by step, timed terms and conditions

  • one liners

  • could be linked to card/app

I came up with Idea 4: Student Card

Insight: Students are lazy and want convince as well as LOVE a good discount to make their money stretch further.

The student debit card answers all students problem.

It is a debit card like no other.

Every student has heard of NUS and UNIDAYS

These sites provide discounts for students when they shop with

certain stores.

Just like Barclays and Cash back when you shop with Boots or Currys/PC World.

I researched into the possibility of a student debit card as well as the design aspect. Rosie and Adila worked on the ux design of the other ideas, as I realised I don't like to create UI and UX. I can do it, but realised in the experimentaiton of our ideas I do not enjoy it. It could also possibly be one of my design weaknesses that I need to practise more.

Idea 5: Social Experiment ‘Check the small print’

Insight: People don't read T&C’s, the just click and hope, so why not test them

A video showing people signing up for free item and don't realise that the terms and conditions says silly stuff. e.g. sign up to adopt a baby, dog or give the shirt off your back

Output possibly: Youtube ad, possibly print. An example we really liked was this video;



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