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Tissue meeting with client

We pitched the three ideas to Barclays, (we had developed them since showing Brian and Xavi, we started to think about logos and branding). Rosie created the initial logos and design for the 20/30/50 Ux and UI, Adila created the UX & UI for 'Barclays Lifestyle' and I developed the Student Debit card further.

Below is our pitch for the tissue meeting:

The Clients Feedback:

They liked all three ideas and really liked the student debit card as well as the 20/30/50. They liked the student card as it was a new avenue for them to explore as a business opportunity as it has not been done before. (We had researched this and found that it was only student discount cards that exhisted and no other bank was offering this creating a USP)

They suggested we put all the ideas in one sister brand concept as they thought it would be an even stronger idea in one.

They also asked if we would be able to make a video like we suggested (Kinder Bueno Ad - ‘Adulting’)

To target the clients feedback we went away to figure out how we would link all the ideas in one. We decided to create an app that we initially named Barclays Lifestyle as the client appeared to like this name. We broke down the idea between the three of us, we all started to work on the app and how it would look. We had a meeting with the three of us to set out the UX and User journey. Because if we could understand this the design would follow but we needed to decide on the mechanics.



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