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Final Barclays Pitch and concept

My response to the client feedback:

I understand where the client is coming from in regards to the idea being safe, however, we went for a more practical concept in this case, as we saw them as a bank, we did not want to limit ourselves but we thought it was a really good idea and concept, as well our own research proved that it was a product that the target market would use and wanted (18 -25 year old students) The students we spoke to really wished that it was a concept that existed, as well as the client saying to us in the first pitch that the idea was innovative and new. They seemed really excited at the idea.

And in regards to the idea being diluted, we followed what the client wanted. We pitched the three ideas as separate ideas, however, the client wanted us to put them together some how in one sister brand concept. The ideas were orginally pitched as separate ideas.

We also felt as a group that the marking was unfair as there seemed to be know consistency between ideas as other groups ideas were really good and they were marked down and the T & C's pitches were marked on their pitch and the ideas. It was good to read others feedback but I think the marking system was wrong.

But what stuck in my mind was how could we improve the design to cater for everyone who may not necessarily be able to save or have the capacity to save within the 20/30/50. My response in the pitch was that we could look into having a help section where you could book a one on one session with a real person to help organise your financial structure, and to help you save for that trip to Bali or that new car.

The 20/30/50 strategy was unique in that it could be adapted to anyones income situation. It was a general solution with a tailored individual benefit.



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