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FMP - Contacting Sally Carpenter - Children and Young peoples officer - Writing Short stories

After my interview with Claire and my final check in with Brian, he said that I needed to focus more on the story, and narrative im trying to tell and explain. I needed to make people relate and feel, without it making it a sob story, as this is what I wanted to avoid at all costs. As its just a thing you got to get on with and I wanted to portray this in my posts. As such, I got back in contact with Sally from CLAPA who Claire had put me in contact with. I asked her if we could reach out to the young peoples council members to get their personal stories and messages of encouragement. This humanised the project and made it relatable.

The only thing was the time it took to get the responses and she said that they were not very good at working remotely. So in the meantime I started illustrating my stories and posting my content I wanted to aim to get the instagram set up a week before submission, so I could collect data about the posts and get people engaging with the content. It wasn't till the 2nd of April that I got one of the stories from Lucy. This spurred me on to illustrate more stories and made me think about making postcards with the stories on or leaflets.

Her story was inspirational and relatable to me personally, and maybe it would be to others. I just wished I got more stories before submission. But it shows the potential that the project has.

I experimented with different placements and layouts. I preferred the illustration with the pink background because it worked better. And I don't think the skin colour was right on the the one on the yellow background.



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