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FMP - Interview Claire Cunniffe - CEO of Clapa

Today I interviewed Claire who is the CEO of CLAPA. Prior to her agreeing to the interview I collated questions I wanted to ask her. I also learnt from my mind the film workshop its good to send the questions before the interview so it gives her some time to think over what she wants to say so she was not on the spot.

To help me with the kit and to be a second camera filming I asked James if he wanted to help me out. He agreed to help me film and set up for my interview. I'm glad I did because I don't know I would have been able to get everything to Angel station and up the flight of stairs at Clapas office. It also halved the time it would have taken me if I did it on my own to set up. I had organised it so we got their earlier than planned to we had half an hour to set up. So while Claire was in a meeting me and James set up in the office. There wasn't much room to work with as it was a lot smaller than first thought. She moved a couple of tables round and they had a banner that we could use to be a back drop in shot. So the frame was not to plain.

I learnt all this from the Mind the Film workshop.

They gave great tips to me on how to set up the shot and the camera. The only thing that went wrong was the focus of the camera. Im used to shooting in auto focus but I was using a camera I was not to familiar with. Event though I did a test run the day before. The annoying thing was, when me and James tested the focus of the camera it was sharp for us, but for some reason when Claire sat down and we recored. It wasn't until after the interview I realised the footage was not as crisp as I thought it was. This was annoying because I wanted to make a short film from the interview but I still had a great voice recording, that I recorded separately but simultaneously. Thankfully I tested out the Mic and all the other equipment the day before the shoot.

I managed to edit the footage a bit, in my production video, but its not the best it could have been. This was not the only problem faced during this shoot as one of the LED lights you see in the shots actually broke. The battery pack exploded within the light and the battery leaked which was not good. So half way though the shoot we were left with two lights instead of the three light set up.

However, the answers she gave me were really informative and sparked my thoughts on where I could go with my two prominent ideas; The story book and the Speech and Language App.

She told me how there is already development into and app like duolingo for speech and language therapy. So I discarded this idea and looked into the story book idea.

Key points made were:

- Think about the age your targeting it to and where there child is in their treatment

- The most popular questions they receive are around the Aveolar bone graft. As this is the first operation you have the sign the consent form yourself for the operation to happen. As well as the main big operation you are aware of.

She also gave me a welcome pack which they put together and send out to new parents. This included 2 special feeding bottles with unique teets on the end to help with feeding. As well as a hand full of pamflets and leaflets:

These were interesting as some had simpler forms of the facts as well as clear concise information which I wanted to put in the book somehow.

Claire also gave me a book she mentioned during the interview. It was called Callie and her Cleft which was written by a cleft nurse. This inspired my next steps for the project:

The next steps on from here are:

- Try and develop stories and narratives.

- Research more into the bone graft operation

- Cut the video down into a manageable size to then use in production video.



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